Now Is the Best Time to Book to Save Big on Holiday Airfare

It's not too late to book flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas

The idea that the sooner you book, the more you save, isn't necessarily true. 

If you waited until this month to purchase your flight home for Thanksgiving, you won't pay much more than others who booked months in advance, NBC News reported.

Prices start high because airlines know that travelers don't have a lot of flexibility in terms of dates and destinations, according to research from Hopper. As long as you book before Halloween, prices for Thanksgiving travel remain stable throughout the month of October. 

The first week of October is the best time to book flights for Christmas. Prices go up daily thereafter. 

"October seems to be the sweet spot for holiday travel deals, with prices fluctuating based on the supply and demand of flights," said personal finance expert Kimberly Palmer. 

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