NYC Sanitation Looks for Person Responsible for Raw Chicken Spill

A mystery meat incident in Brooklyn has the NYC Department of Sanitation asking: who spilled raw chicken across the road?

Massive piles of raw chicken were seen scattered on Bond Street in Boerum Hill on Friday. Videos and photos posted on social media by residents show vehicles running over pink, raw chicken with bones, creating a big mess.

"My boyfriend Cullen Camic saw a trail of raw chicken on the street outside our apartment and followed it to Wyckoff and Bond St. where he saw massive piles of raw meat all over the road," Jean Cooney tells NBC News.

Nobody seems to know how the chicken got there.

People's reactions on social media ranged from disgust to amusement. Many joked whether this was the reason Popeyes ran out of its popular fried chicken sandwich

The rats, perhaps, benefited most from the spillage but the mess wasn't there for long before NYC Sanitation sent a crew to clean it up.

The sanitation department is now trying to figure out who's responsible for the foul-up.

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