North Miami Beach Police Replace Family's Stolen Gifts

Police cruisers full of gifts pulled up to a home to surprise a North Miami Beach family on Christmas Eve.

On Tuesday, thieves broke in to Pedro Huanmanchumo's home, stealing all but a handful of presents from underneath the family's Christmas tree.

The family of eight, including four children, were left heartbroken.

North Miami Beach Police Officer Carlos Paretz responded to the burglary call. Moved by the family's plight, he and Sgt. Juan Pinillos reached out to fellow officers to replace the stolen gifts.

"I mean, to be burglarized is devastating alone, toppled that with the fact you have no gifts for your children," Pinillos said. "So this is the least that we could do for the citizens in our community."

"We cannot undo what happened, but we can very much let them know we have a heart," said Chief Scott Dennis.

Officers brought in new toys, games, and hundreds of dollars' worth of gift cards, bringing tears of joy to Huanmanchumo.

"I never think this is going to happen, never," Huanmanchumo said, wiping his eyes. "Thank you."

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