Rapper Nicki Minaj Gives Away Over 500 Thanksgiving Turkeys in Queens

The rapper went back to her hometown to spread some Thanksgiving cheer

Nicki Minaj was handing out holiday cheer in Queens the day before Thanksgiving. 

The rapper turned up in South Jamaica Wednesday evening to hand out more than 500 Thanksgiving turkeys to locals.

Minaj was born in Trinidad and Tobago, but moved to Queens when she was 5.

The NYPD 113th Precinct posted photos of the rapper's generous act on Twitter, writing, "Who says rappers don't give back to the neighborhood they come from?" Minaj retweeted the post.

Photos showed people lining the street to get a glimpse of the chart-topping rapper, and perhaps a turkey. 

It's not Minaj's first act of generosity. Last year she offered to pay more than $25,000 of her fans' tuition fees if they got straight As at school. 

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