New “Social Network” Trailer Finally Delivers the Goods

After finding each "Social Network" clip more unsatisfying than the last, we are happy to announce that the latest one has not only washed the bad taste out of our mouth, it's convinced us that making a movie about Facebook wasn't such a dumb idea.

Jesse Eisenberg stars as Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire founder of Facebook, who is accused by some Harvard classmates of stealing their idea. The film also stars Andrew Garfield (whose performance in "Social" got him named the new Spider-Man), Rashida Jones and Justin Timberlake (as Napster founder Sean Parker).

We were seriously bummed out by the first teaser, which was 45 seconds of watching people instant-messaging each other. And we hated the subsequent trailer which was literally more -- an additional 90 seconds -- of the same.

We just figured that David Fincher directing a script from Aaron Sorkin would produce some human drama that was worth putting on screen. And it turns out we were right. There's tension, rage, humor --- things worth watching all set to a bizarre children's chorus covering Radiohead's "Creep," that's reminiscent of the Langley Schools Music Project.

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