Sauce for Romney's Goose

Mitt Romney knows a little something about taking a rival's words out of context, Stephen Colbert said

New Hampshire Republicans was still voting in its primary when Tuesday's shows were taped — but that didn't stop late night's hosts from having some fun with a rare new Mitt Romney gaffe.

Romney had come under fire from rivals for his comment, "I like being able to fire people" — or, as Stephen Colbert put it, they "jumped on Mitt like Newt Gingrich on a younger, healthier wife."

Romney's defense? His comments were taken out of context; he had been talking about how he wanted people to be able to choose new insurance companies when they didn't like their own.

"This taking Romney's words about insurance out of context is totally different than when Romney took out an ad taking Obama's words about John McCain out of context last November. As Romney explained, 'What's sauce for the goose is now sauce for the gander.'

"Everybody knows you can't put gander sauce back on the goose," he continued. "If a chef did that to Romney's goose, he would fire him — and enjoy it."

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