Team USA's Luger Tucker West's Dad: “Tucker Is Very Single!”

First Sochi, now dates. That's what Dad hopes for Team USA's first-time Olympic luger Tucker West, at least.

When Brett West built an enormous luge track in the family's backyard, Olympic medals may not have been all he had in mind for his son. His son's love life is also a priority, his dad admits — in comments sure to make anybody who remembers being a teenager cringe. Watch them at NBC Olympics.

"I just want to say to all the young ladies out there: Tucker is very single!" Brett West told the "Today" show on Sunday, just as his 18-year-old son was getting ready to compete in the final runs in the men's Olympic individual luge competition in Sochi.

Dad's embarrassing appeal to any eligible, luge-loving bachelorettes of America didn't end there.

"Now, he's a little shy, so you have to reach out to him. And you can do that through, on Facebook, his page 'Team Tucker.' And the neat part is, he's such a good kid, everyone who posts there he always gives back a personal response," Brett West told "Today."

West didn't win a medal in the competitive individual luge competition that wrapped up in Sochi on Sunday. Germany's defending Olympic champion Felix Loch again took the gold, while Russian and Italian veteran lugers earned the silver and bronze, respectively.

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