Taylor Swift Follows Fan Just to Say “Hi”

Taylor Swift really went out of her way to say hi to a devoted fan.

In Parade magazine's upcoming October 24 episode, she reveals how she made a girl's day by following her to a store in Nashville to introduce herself.

"I was driving near the mall and I saw this girl with my tour T-shirt on," the country pop star told the magazine. "She was probably 11. I made a U-turn and tried to follow here - I really had to do some maneuvering. I found her in a video-game store and just kind of walked up to her and said, 'Oh, hi. I wanted to meet you.'"

The girl, understandably, was shocked to see her blonde, curly-haired music idol before her eyes.

"She had no idea what to say for about three minutes," Swift recalled. "Then her mom walked over, burst into tears, and proceed to tell me that they'd driven all the way from Austin, Texas, just to see where I was discovered."

The country belle's face is on the cover of an upcoming issue of the celebrity and lifestyle magazine, wearing bright red lipstick. Although it won't be released for another week, a few quotes were unleashed for a sneak peek.

Other than the surprise encounter, Swift dishes on fame and love. The singer-songwriter isn't shy when singing about past relationships or naming exes, but not all of her lyrics are verbal revenge for the hurt she's come across.

"Guys get what they deserve in my songs, and if they deserve an apology, they should get one," Swift said about "Back to December," a song from her new album, "Speak Now." "There was someone who was absolutely wonderful to me and I dropped the ball, and I needed to say that."

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