Stephen Colbert IDs New Threat: “Stoned Pat Robertson”

"We must stop Pat before The 700 Club becomes The 420 Club."

Two weeks ago, cannabis enthusiasts got an unlikely new ally in the crusade for marijuana legalization: famed televangelist Pat Robertson, a Christian Right mainstay otherwise known for his decidedly non-progressive stances on feminism, homosexuality, abortion, and the Muslim faith.

"It's time we stop locking up people for possession of marijuana," the 81-year-old broadcaster said on the Mar. 1 edition of "The 700 Club."

On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert devoted one-third of his recurring "ThreatDown" segment to the ominous threat posed by a "stoned Pat Robertson."

"We must stop Pat before 'The 700 Club' becomes 'The 420 Club,'" Colbert said, alluding to significant numerals in cannabis subculture.

"Jesus said he would make you a fisher of men—not a Phish fan of men," he joked.

Watch the full clip below and share your thoughts in the comments section. 

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