Michelle Obama “Mom Dances” with Jimmy Fallon

The first lady promoted her "Lets Move!" obesity-fighting initiative

First Lady Michelle Obama returned to “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Friday to mark the third anniversary of her “Let’s Move!” fitness campaign with a "mom dance."

It was Obama’s second appearance on the show, which the pair have been teasing to with some playful Twitter banter. 

Unlike last year's taping at the White House, the segment featured Obama’s first sit-down interview on Fallon’s show, taped at his New York studio.

The segment wasn't devoid of silliness. During a bit entitled "The Evolution of Mom Dancing," Fallon looked absurd in a brunette wig, buttoned pink cardigan and khaki slacks. Obama managed to look polished in black pants and a sequenced shirt beneath a much nicer cardigan.

The pair performed dance moves including "the sprinkler," "the happy snapper," (which as its name suggests, involves a lot of smiling and snapping) as well as a nod to Beyonce with "The 'Just the Hands Part of Single Ladies'."

After the break, Obama sat down for an interview wearing an elegant patterned dress. She talked about what music plays in the White House, her guilty pleasures when it comes to reality television, and going on dates with the president.

Fallon also asked about Obama's future in the political scene. "Michelle and Hillary '16," Fallon suggested. "What do you think?

"I have my eye actually on another job," Obama said. "I hear that when Jay Leno retires that the "Tonight" show is going to be open and I'm thinking about putting my hat in the ring. What do you think about that?" 

"I'm done thinking about it," Fallon replied.

Her appearance on the show is just one of several she is making this month to raise the profile of her health and fitness campaign ahead of a national tour. 

Earlier in the day she taped appearances with Dr. Oz and Robin Roberts, who just returned to "Good Morning America" this week after leaving last September for a bone marrow transplant. Those appearances will air next week as she flies around the country to promote healthy eating and physical education to combat childhood obesity.

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