Real World: D.C. Columbia Grad Fakes Cancer

Confession from a reality-TV drama queen

Brace yourselves for the new reality show drama queen. 

One of the Real World: D.C. housemates, Erika Lauren Wasilewski, 22 -- an Illinois native and Columbia College grad -- has admitted to faking cancer just to get attention from an ex-boyfriend.

Blog buzz started spreading before the MTV show started when the blog revealed the dirt.

And then, when asked by TimeOut if the allegations were true, she responded, “Um, there is some truth to what you’re hearing. Yes, it happened. Yes, I regret it. If I could take it back, I would. I was going through some severe emotional problems at the time. I was lashing out and craving attention wherever I could.”

Seems like some people really will go to any extreme to get their fifteen minutes of fame.

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