Police Try to Identify “Blond Angel” Rescued from Gypsy Camp

Greece Mystery Girl

A world-wide search is underway for parents of a girl found neglected, living in deplorable conditions with a Roma Gypsy family in Greece, NBC News reported. The blond, blue-eyed little girl was discovered by Greek police who raided a Gypsy camp in search of drugs and weapons, part of a crackdown on illegal activity in the Gypsy community. Around 4 years old and going by the name Maria, the girl looked nothing like the couple she lived with, officials said Friday. According to the Associated Press, DNA tests proved she wasn't their child. Authorities also allege the mother claimed to have given birth to six children in a total of less than 10 months, while 10 of the 14 children the couple registered as their own are unaccounted for, the AP reported. Investigators are looking into whether the girl is a victim of a child-traffic network across Europe.

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