PG-13 “King's Speech” Hits Theaters April 1

We hope it’s an elaborate April Fool’s joke.

Do great films always have to be gritty to be good?

The Weinstein Company doesn’t seem to think so. They’re planning to release the much-debated PG-13 version of Best Picture winner “The King’s Speech,” minus the coarse language, Vulture reports.

The film will be released in 1,000 theaters across the country, allowing, as a TWC press release says, “young people who are troubled by stuttering, bullying and similar trials…to see it.”

Many Oscar winners of late, from “No Country For Old Men” to “The Hurt Locker” have featured disturbing, often gratuitously violent scenes which arguably added depth to the movies.

Even Colin Firth has his doubts about a PG-13 version. The Hollywood Reporter caught him backstage, fresh off his Best Actor Oscars win, saying, “I think the film has its integrity as it stands.

“I don’t support it.”

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