Parents Television Council Attacks New Miley Cyrus Video

The racy video for Miley Cyrus' new single has a TV watchdog group hot under the collar.

The Parents Television Council lambasted the former Disney Channel star's vamped up image in the clip for "Who Owns My Heart?," reports MTV.

In the video, the 17-year-old singer lies blindfolded on a bed in skimpy underwear before putting on revealing club clothes to hit the dance floor at a mansion party with a crew of older men.

Tim Winter, president of the Parents Television Council, said the former "Hannah Montana" actress was sending the wrong message to her impressionable fans.

"It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this one," Winter said. "It sends messages to her fanbase that are diametrically opposed to everything she has done up to this point."

As Cyrus has gotten older and started to separate herself from her more wholesome image, she's run into controversy several times. She caused a stir with a provocative pole-dancing act during a performance of her hit "Party in the U.S.A." at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards and on her most recent album, "Can't Be Tamed," she's made a more visible attempt to show her adult side.

"I'm a completely different person [than when I released 2008's Breakout]. I'm much more confident. You know, I've always been a confident person, but I was going through a lot then," she said in an interview with MTV News in June. "There's so many people in your life telling you who you should and shouldn't be," Cyrus said. "And that's what Tamed [is] about. It's about being who you are to the fullest. And now I know who that is."

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