Ouija Board Made Me Do It: Teen Stabbing Suspect

The 15-year-old is charged with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing his friend

Blame it on the Ouija board — at least, that's what one Texas 15-year-old who faces attempted murder charges for allegedly stabbing his friend did, Reuters reported.

"He actually believed what the Ouija board advised him, that the friend was the cause of his problems," a police spokesman said Friday, calling the case "kind of bizarre."

The teenager, who police said had no criminal or mental health history to speak of, is accused of stabbing his 14-year-old friend in the belly with a 4-inch knife last month in the woods behind a high school in Weslaco, Texas.

Afterward, the accused stabber then brought his friend to a nearby auto shop to call for an ambulance, according to a police spokesman.

A third teen who said he saw the stabbing added that the alleged stabber told the victim to pretend he had fallen on the knife, according to Reuters.

"I'm not making excuses for the kid, but I think sometimes it's harder for them to separate reality from fiction," the police spokesman said, Reuters reported.

The 14-year-old victim survived the attack but spent three days in the intensive care unit with a severe intestine laceration.

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