Ochocinco Picks His Starting Lineup

Move over Bret Michaels, Jake Pavelka, and Flavor Flav, there is a new bachelor on the loose; Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson. The Cincinnati Bengals star's reality TV show, "Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch," premiered Sunday on VH1.

After winning over audiences on "Dancing with the Stars" with his wild personality, the wide receiver returned to reality TV to find a different "catch." 

"Since my traditional way of dating has failed me tremendously throughout my wonderful life, I thought ‘Why not?’ Why not try my hand at something different, and see if I can find that one out of 85?," Chad told Entertainment Weekly about his reason for doing the show.  

So to find that one true love, what else would an NFL football star do then hold tryouts for 85 beauties? Lined up in practice jerseys like a Pop Warner football squad, the bachelorettes competed in one-on-one drills, a tire run, and showed off their own end-zone dances. 

With clip board in hand, Ochocinco made his first round cuts, whittling the field down to a team of 17 girls. 

He will eliminate one girl from the squad each week with the help of his pro-football friends and "spies," Terrell Owens and Bernard Berrian.  

Instead of handing out a long stem red rose, a la "The Bachelor," Ochocinco set up a March Madness-style bracket system to keep track of the contenders for his heart. The winner of the show will score a championship diamond ring with the number 85 on it, Ochocinco's jersey number.

He told Entertainment Weekly that the show offers everyone, even skeptical football fans who are not usually into dating shows, something to enjoy.

"Don't just watch the show, bet money on it," the receiver said.

One suggestion: office pools. 

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