Obama Courts Virginia in Last Pre-Convention Stop

On his last campaign stop ahead of the Democratic National Convention, President Barack Obama previewed the speech he is set to deliver on Thursday night, according to NBC's First Read team. "I will offer what I believe is a better path forward. A path that will create good jobs and strengthen our middle class and grow our economy," Obama said in Virginia on Tuesday. He added that his health care reform, national security and the economy are reasons why he should be reelect in November. Obama also took the time to criticize his Republican opponents. “On issue after issue, Gov. Romney and Congressman Ryan, they want to take us backwards. But the story of America is not about going backwards; its about going forwards,” the president said. The Romney Campaign quickly shot back. "President Obama has found himself on the wrong side of the issues Virginian’s care about the most." The Romney campaign went on to say that “there is no doubt that Americans aren’t better off today than they were four years ago.” The president said he would watch his wife’s speech tonight at the Democratic National Convention at the White House with his two daughters.

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