Man Gives Gaga “Get Out of Hell Free” Card

Not everyone is a fan of Lady Gaga.

That was apparent in a Flipcam diary the singer and performance artist tweeted early Wednesday morning. A man outside of one of Gaga’s concerts handed her a card saying “Get Out of Hell Free.” The singer decided to engage him in an impromptu debate.

“We really believe in God at my show,” Gaga replied.

“Your pervert ways don’t really equate to what God is all about,” the man said, citing the homosexual undertones of “Born This Way.”

Gaga (who was actually born Stephanie Germanotta) defended herself, saying she went to Catholic school for 13 years.

“That’s most of your problem, that you were raised in a screwy religion,” the man said.

Gaga seemed mostly confused over why the man printed up novelty cards. “If it was so easy to get out of hell,” the singer mused, “why don’t we just print up a bunch of these guys?”

“It makes me sad that my fans have to see that,” the singer confided later.

Lady Gaga has posted other “Gagavision” videos, giving fans—alias, Little Monsters—a glimpse behind the Gaga.

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