Man Bites Cobra, Killing It, After It Bites Him

A farmer in Nepal retaliated in anger

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a… fang?

A farmer in Nepal retaliated against a venomous cobra that bit him — by biting it right back, a local newspaper reported.

BBC News reported that Mohammed Salmodin caught the snake after it bit him in his ride paddy.
"I could have killed it with a stick but bit it with my teeth instead because I was angry," he said, according to the Nepali paper Annapurna Post.

"A snake charmer told me that if a snake bites you, bite it until it is dead and nothing will happen to you," he added to BBC News.

On the urging of his relatives, after the attack Salmodin went to the hospital, where he was treated and discharged. Officials said he won't be charged with killing the snake because the species was not endangered.

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