B'nai B'nai Chesilhurst House

Though Sept. 11 attacks happened thirteen years ago, the tragedy looms large in the lives of all New Yorkers, some of whom weren't even born yet. Jacoba Uris, a journalist who lives in lower Manhattan, wrote for Today.com that her son Wilson, 8, first asked about 9/11 when he was 2 and "now that he is 5, the conversations have become more detailed and nuanced, and harder for us to answer. He wants to know: Why were we attacked? Why didn’t they warn us?" Uris points out that for kids like her son, "growing up in lower Manhattan, 9/11 is a daily reality, not just a solemn anniversary date" and that children who live there "grapple with the events of that morning on many other days too." Click through for Uris' full story.

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