Justin Bieber Takes Revenge On Overzealous Fan Via Twitter

A Michigan teenager obsessed with Justin Bieber learned the limits of excessive fandom after hacking a friend's Facebook account to get the pop star's cell phone number.

Kevin Kristopik, a 15-year-old Michigan native, proceeded to bombard the moppish-haired singer with unwanted messages, before Bieber retaliated by posting Kristopik's number on his Twitter page. The bomber quickly became the bombed, receiving over 26,000 text messages and calls from Bieber's over 4.5 million followers all over the world.

"It was just going crazy with calls and texts...It was unusable," Kristopik said in an interview with the Detroit Free Press.

He was forced to get a new phone number and close his Twitter page because of the incident.

"I kind of meddled into his life a little bit," Kristopik said. "He decided to take revenge on me."

Mike Kristopik, Kevin's father, told his son several times to leave the "Baby" singer alone, and actually agreed that Bieber's method of retaliation was probably the most effective way of ending the high-tech harassment.

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