Jay-Z Teams With Bing For Interactive Memoir Release

One of Jay-Z's most famous lyrics is that he's not a businessman, he's a business, man. And the star M.C. is about to show off a little more of his renowned business savvy by releasing his memoir in an rather unconvential way.

The legendary rapper is teaming up with internet search giant Bing to present an interactive experience for the release of his forthcoming book, "Decoded," reports MTV.

Fans are being invited to join in a worldwide scavenger hunt for the pages of the book, which have been hidden and can only be located be solving clues that Jay-Z will occasionally dish out before the full tome hits bookstores November 16. The first clue was released on October 18 and he placed the second clue at the bottom of the Delano Hotel pool in Miami on October 20.

"Quite simply, it's almost like a preview of the book. We put all these pages out into the world to be found, and then, through Bing, you bring it all back together and you can read the book," he said in an interview with MTV. "That's really the simple part of it. But for participating in it, you get these prizes, like it you're the first one to find this page, you get it signed, you get it autographed and it's yours to keep."

Bing GM Eric Hadley said the search is a great way to build a sense of community among the rapper's fans.

"This campaign gives us a great opportunity to introduce Bing to the millions of Jay-Z fans by bringing a meaningful experience that magnifies their connection to him."

So far, 24 pages of the book have been located. The grand prize winner will win a trip to Las Vegas on New Year's Eve to see Jay and Coldplay in concert.

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