Ice-T Weighs in on Kanye West

Hip-hop artist turned-actor Ice-T voiced his opinion about Kanye West to Page Six recently, saying he is both “eccentric” and “an artist.”

“We’re all kind of strange in our own way,” Ice-T told the paper.

As far as why Kanye West’s erratic behavior continues to make headline after headline, Ice-T had some ideas.

"He's a very interesting eccentric human being,” he said. “I think Mike Tyson said people don't pay attention to normal people. ... I just think that Kanye is an artist."

Kanye West has had quite a year. From being hated post-Swiftgate to having one of the top albums of 2010, his rise to the top has been tumultuous, to say the least, in part, MTV argues, thanks to his ubiquitous Twitter presence.

Ice-T and West have had some hiccups in the past. The “Law & Order: SVU” star once said that Soulja Boy was “single-handedly killing hip-hop.” West stepped up to defend him.

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