Howard Stern “Pretty Sure” About Leaving Sirius: Report

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Howard Stern is talking about bolting from satellite radio, again.

The self-anointed “King of All” Media told listeners Thursday he was “pretty sure” about leaving Sirius XM radio when his $500 million contract is up at year’s end, The Wrap reported.

Stern reportedly said Sirius would like to lock him into another five-year deal, but he would prefer to have more flexibility.

The shock jock, whose rise to fame was chronicled in the 1997 film “Private Parts,” was lured from terrestrial radio to Sirius in 2006, back before the company merged with rival XM radio.

Since he began producing the four-day-a-week satellite broadcast, Stern has often talked on-air about wanting to cut back on his workload, according to Reuters.

On his Aug. 16 program, Stern also reportedly talked about about cutting ties with Sirius.

"I do get a little charge out of thinking that in December we might be done,” Stern said then. “I get a little turned on by that.”

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