Happy Hands: Watch Beyonce Crowd Surf in London

Beyonce went crowd surfing in London during a recent show, which means dozens of people got to cop the feel of a lifetime.

The impromptu stage dive was documented by a few fans and shows Beyonce, decked out in a leotard and high heels, runs and jumps face first into the arms of the adoring crowd. She kept singing as she was suspended and even did a little turn, ending the magical moment face up.

"She's just bad-a**! How many pop stars do you know crowd surfin' and still managing to hit perfect notes?" her sister, Solange, tweeted after the footage made the rounds on YouTube, according Marie Claire's British edition.

The Monday night show, at London's 02 Arena was free. The opportunity to put your hands on the curvy star? You guessed it: priceless.

Have a look:

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