Guns N' Roses Chased Off Stage After Late Start

Concert goers lost their patience with Guns N'Roses after the band was late starting a show in front of a capacity crowd in Dublin, reports the Irish Times.

Front man Axl Rose walked off stage after frustrated fans threw plastic cups filled with liquids and bottles onto the stage after a delay of over 40 minutes. The band was supposed to be on at 9:45 p.m. but finally appeared around 10:30.

The band was tearing into one of the best-known songs, "Welcome to the Jungle," when a plastic cup with an unknown substance landed on the stage. The incident promoted Rose to address the crowd.

"Here's the deal, one more bottle, we go home," he said. "We want to stay. If you don't want to have fun just let us know. We'll be on our way."

Shortly after that, another cup was thrown at guitarist Richard Fortus. The band then left the stage to a cascade of boos after the finishing "Mr Brownstone." They'd only performed 22 minutes.

Promoter Denis Desmond tried to call the crowd after Axl and company stormed off.

"We're trying to get Axl to come back on stage," he said. "I'm trying hard to get Axl to come back on stage. I'd ask you please to refrain from throwing items at him. I promise a great show, but you have to calm. I'm sorry about that."

Desmond blamed "technical difficulties" for the rocky start to the show.

The band eventually came back out at 11:20 p.m. and finished their set. By the time they were done near one in the morning, most fans had already left the arena.

Time management has proven to be a big problem for the band as they tour Europe promoting their "Chinese Democracy" album. They had sets cut short at musical festivals in both Reading and Leeds after taking the stage well after their scheduled time.

Selected Reading: Irish Times

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