FEMA Approves $25M in Disaster Assistance for Okla. Storms

The Federal Management Disaster Agency has approved $25 million in public assistance for Oklahoma counties devastated by a series of massive tornadoes last month, NBC news reported. Nearly 13,000 households applied for assistance from the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management (OEM) and FEMA. “There’re a lot of things we’re having to replace. You don’t think about it until after it’s gone,” Moore, Okla. Mayor Glenn Lewis told NBC News on Saturday. The first large tornado slammed Moore on May 20, killing at least 24 people, injuring hundreds more, and destroying two schools. Less than two weeks later, another major tornado barreled through nearby El Reno claiming 18 more lives. That tornado is believed to be the widest tornado on record in the United States, at 2.6 miles across, according to the National Weather Service.

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