Jeter Spotted in Paris With Ex Minka Kelly

The pair had ended their three-year relationship in August

Perhaps 2012 will bring Derek Jeter and his ex Minka Kelly better luck in love.

The couple, who ended their three-year relationship in August, was spotted spending the last days of 2011 together in the City of Lights.

"They looked much in love, " a source told People Magazine.

Thanks to a Pepperdine University student's fast photo refelxes, the world now has picture evidence that, at the very least, the pair is on close, cuddly terms. In a series of snaps shot by student Jaime Olaez, the 37-year-old slugger is seen flashing a wide grin at Kelly and wrapping his arm around the woman voted "sexiest woman alive" in 2010.

The two were reportedly outside the Musee d'Orsay Saturday Dec. 29. People Magazine reported that the they were staying in a boutique hotel together with friends in the city's Left Bank.

Before breaking up, rumors swirled that the couple, who maintained a low-profile through their relationship, would wed. There were few details about why they split, and friends told the media that they were going to remain friends. In October the two were spotted together in Florida.

Earlier this month one of Jeter's "pals" told The New York Post that the notorious playboy was regularly bringing women back to his Trump World Tower bachelor pad and sending them off with a basket of autographed Yankees memorabilia—one girl, whom he apparently didn't remember from their first rendezvous received the gift basket twice.

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