Corey Haim's Name Found on Illegal Prescription: Authorities

California AG says records found during investigation of drug ring

The late actor Corey Haim's name was found on an illegal prescription of a painkiller found during an investigation into a major California drug ring, according to a statement issued Friday by state Attorney General Jerry Brown.

Records of an OxyContin prescription in Haim's name were found as Brown's office looked into a ring that allegedly obtained prescription pads and used doctors' stolen identities to issue them, according to the Attorney General.

Haim, the actor who rose to fame in the 1980s alongside pal Corey Feldman, died Wednesday in Los Angeles.

"Corey Haim's death is yet another tragedy linked to the growing problem of prescription drug abuse," Brown said in the written statement.

"The problem is increasingly linked to criminal organizations, like the illegal and massive prescription drug ring under investigation," he wrote.

Brown's statement, however, was issued before the Los Angeles County Coroner's office could determine Haim's cause of death. Authorities have also not confirmed whether Haim actually filled the prescription or if someone had used the former child star's name to get their hands on the drugs, official Javier Salaiz told the AP.

Haim, who fought a long battle with drug addiction, was initially believed to have died from an overdose. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said investigators found four prescription drug bottles bearing Haim's name on the scene inside the apartment where he collapsed, but said all of the drugs were provided by a doctor.

Winter said he had not spoken to Brown and that toxicology results would not be available for at least a month.

"It surprises me that Jerry Brown would come out and give a cause of death," he said.

Brown said in an interview that the OxyContin prescription was part of a "growing and dangerous problem."

Haim shot to fame while starring in 1980s movies "The Lost Boys" and "Lucas."

He will likely be buried at a private funeral in Canada, where he hails from, Haim's agent Mark Heaslip said.

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