Colbert Vows His Debate Will Trump Trump’s

The would-be conservative comic promised the "finest debate ever televised"


With Donald Trump's debate "going down his gold-plated crapper," as Stephen Colbert put it Wednesday night, Colbert gave a few hints of what to expect from his own rival debate.

His South Carolina Serious, Classy Republican Debate, as Colbert christened it a night earlier, will happen sometime in January — and that's not all.

"This will be the finest debate ever televised," Colbert promised.

"All the candidates are invited — including John McCain," in what Colbert said would be the "best surprise twist in TV debate history."

He promised a Trump-worthy spectacle: Every candidate's podium would be overhung by a chandelier that the audience, equipped with dimmer switches, can dim when a candidate makes a remark they don't like.

"This is the most real actual debate ever. I am on the South Carolina Republican primary like white on the Republican primary," he said.

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