Ashton Kutcher Hosts “SNL”

Funnyman Ashton Kutcher hosted "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, proving his comic chops are meatier than "Punk'd" as he emceed the show alongside musical supergroup Them Crooked Vultures.

Kutcher, who has hosted the show four times, played everyone from Mel Gibson to a clueless pool boy in the show, which featured Them Crooked Vultures, the band fronted by former Foo Fighters musician Dave Grohl.

The former "That 70s Show" actor started the show with a monologue that featured Kutcher recounting things his "Punk'd"-era self would've found funny.

He channeled the trucker-hat wearing former version of himself to play a pool boy in a sketch about the last will and testament of an old woman suffering from venereal disease -- Kutcher's pool boy joked the woman couldn't use protection because of her age.

The actor later followed his pool boy shtick with a portrayal of Mel Gibson on a parody of "The View," then moved on to play a Spartacus-era Roman in a bit about gay Romans.

Andy Samberg upstaged Kutcher in a sketch that saw Samberg play Rahm Emanuel, launching into a bleeped-out tirade meant to serve as an apology to Sarah Palin for offending her with his use of the word "retard." Show vets Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen also stole some of Kutcher's thunder with another turn at the "Garth and Kat" Weekend Update bit, where the two actors play a cheesy duo who make up lyrics to songs as they go along.

Them Crooked Vultures took to the stage twice during the program, showcasting Grohl as well as former Led Zeppelin musician John Paul Jones and Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme.

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