“30 Rock”-ing the Cradle

Nerds! There must be something in the water at “30 Rock.”

Tina Fey, 40, who plays the lovably bumbling Liz Lemon, unexpectedly announced her second pregnancy on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” Wednesday.  She is the third cast member to announce an expanding family.

Fey has a five-year-old daughter, Alice, with husband and “30 Rock” composer Jeff Richmond. Fey's rep confirmed she is five months along. Things are looking good for the actress, whose new book, “Bossypants,” is making a stir with critics.

Fellow actor Jane Krakowski, who plays the over-the-top egotistical actress Jenna Maroney, is also expecting. The Daily Mail posted pictures of a very pregnant Krakowski on the “30 Rock” set a few weeks ago, looking happy, if not a bit uncomfortable. The 42-year-old actress is due to give birth at the end of April with fiancée and British designer Robert Godley at her side.

And last but not least, Elizabeth Banks recently welcomed her own bundle of joy—Felix Hanelman—via surrogate. Banks plays hard-as-nails TV journalist Avery Jessup and Jack Donaghy’s baby mama.

No word yet on how Fey and company will incorporate both actors’ baby bumps into the show, though Liz Lemon went through a baby-crazed kick early in the series. Or, if parenthood isn't in the cards for ol' Liz Lemon, may we humbly suggest a Jenna-inspired weight gain a la “Mystic Pizza: The Movie Based on the Musical Based on the Movie.”

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