Most Ridiculed “24” Character Ever Finally Killed Off

For a lot of "24" fans, the ridiculous Katee Sackhoff character just had to go. Jack Bauer finally finished her off with a pistol in last night's episode as millions silently cheered from their couch.

While Dana Walsh is a talented actress, her CTU mole on the show was widely criticized and had the show's creators on the defensive.

Walsh told that she didn't realize her character was causing such a violent reaction among fans of the show as it heads along on its final season. "I learned a long time ago not to read (the feedback)," she says. "It's counterproductive to doing your job."

"I respect the fans and I respect their opinions, but it's sad that they're not happy when it's the last season."

The loss of Katee Sackoff will make it a lot easier to be happy. Because what good is Jack Bauer saving the world if this character still lives in it?

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