Mila Kunis Helps Befuddled Reporter Through Funny Interview

Mila Kunis might be accustomed to men feeling nervous around her, so it should come as no surprise that she graciously helped a befuddled British reporter through an interview that quickly went off topic.

Kunis, 29, was promoting her new movie "Oz the Great and Powerful" in London when she was interviewed by Chris Stark, a starstruck reporter from BBC Radio.

But an interview that was suppose to be about the movie turned into a casual conversation about football after the rookie reporter admitted that he was "petrified" and had "never done this before."

“They’re just throwing you in the trenches,” Kunis said.

The two also talked about chicken dishes and a conconction of Jägermeister and vodka, which Stark affectionately calls Lad Bombs.

"Oh my God, that sounds like the worst drink ever," Kunis "That's disgusting!"

At one point, Kunis took the reins and interviewed Stark.

“How are you feeling? It’s not that bad. It’s not that scary. What about this is frightening?” she asked.

Stark, 25, said the press junket is an unnatural environment for him and that he prefers to be "down at my local pub with the boys." He then told Kunis that she can join him and his friends for a drink.

In fact, Stark asked Kunis out two more times -- once to a football match and again to a wedding as his "plus one."

“Well, I’ve gone to a Marine Ball,” said Kunis, referring to her 2011 date with a marine sergeant who asked her out in a YouTube video. “So what’s another? Apparently I just say yes to everything.”

But when he tried to steer the conversation back to her movie, he was met with resistance.

“Why? This is way more fun for me,” Kunis confessed. “This is the best interview I’ve had today.”

It was Stark's first celebrity interview and he was given the assignment because his boss thought he could learn from interviewing a big star.

"He always says I know nothing about films and nothing about actors and actresses," Stark told The Daily Beast. "He would often test me on it. What he thought would be really funny to do is set me up with a massive Hollywood star and just see what happened."

The seven minute inteview went viral, much to Stark's surprise. He told The Daily Beast that he didn't have time to prepare before he met Kunis.

"But I’m really pleased that people like it," he said. "I’m just still in shock a little bit."

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