No Girly-Girl Roles For Michelle Rodriguez Just Yet

Looking forward to seeing the softer side of movie tough chick Michelle Rodriguez? Yeah well, don’t hold your breath.

“It's usually the kick-ass stuff that turns me on,” says Rodriguez, who’ll continue to unashamedly embrace the hard-as-nails images she’s cultivated on screen in films like “The Fast and the Furious,” “Avatar” and “Machete.”

“I find it rather boring to be girly-girly,” she admits. “It's just not my thing. I don't find joy in it.” She plans on dodging job offers that seeks to cast her as “some boring girlfriend of a guy, the girl sitting around crying for love or a lipstick broad, because I am kind of a tomboy.”

Her next role, in the alien invasion extravaganza “Battle Los Angeles,” will involve booting butts from beyond the solar system. “I play an Air Force Tech Sergeant off the beaten path. She's not as tough as my past characters, but she gets to kick a lot of alien ass.”

“What I love about this flick is that it was shot very documentary-style and so it should be really interesting,” she says. “It's kind of like playing a first-man shooter game. So it's a new perspective, I believe, for an alien film and I think that perspective will be interesting.”

And while casting directors can skip sending frothy rom-coms Rodriguez’s way, she is still available to get glammed up in feminine designer clothes off-screen. “I mean, I am a girl. I'm just not your typical girl.”

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