Michelle Obama & Jimmy Fallon Get Down With the “Evolution of Mom Dancing: Part 2”

In honor of the 5-year anniversary of the first lady’s Let's Move! campaign, Fallon and Obama took to the dance floor and performed “The Evolution of Mom Dancing: Part 2.”

First Lady Michelle Obama is always down for a good laugh, but apparently she draws the line at lampooning her husband’s dancing.

In honor of the 5-year anniversary of the first lady’s Let's Move! campaign, Michelle Obama took to the dance floor with Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" Thursday and performed “The Evolution of Mom Dancing: Part 2.”

In this sequel to their 2013 “Evolution of Mom Dancing” performance, the duo — donning matching pink cardigans and capri slacks — danced choreographed routines based on mundane chores such as the “Getting a bag from your collection of plastic bags under the sink” and common phrases one expects to hear from mom like the “This ol’ thing? I got it at Talbots?”

But when Fallon took a playful dig at the president's dancing with the “Barack Obama,” the first lady was not having it. Obama responded with a jab of her own by mocking the host's lack of dancing skills in the “Jimmy Fallon.”

The first lady had stopped by "The Tonight Show” to promote her anti-childhood obesity campaign #GimmeFive, and chatted with Fallon about her family, the White House Easter egg roll and getting kids to eat broccoli.

“I’m trying to sneak vegetables into anything, but there is a sneaky way to do it,” Fallon said of getting his two toddler daughters to eat vegetables. “I hide it in brownies.”

Obama said she implemented a “no treat” rule in her household if her daughters Sasha and Malia didn’t eat their vegetable. And, if the girls pulled the old “I’m full,” the first lady said there were no substitute meals when they came back hungry hours later.

“After a couple of days of starvation, it’s like, ‘gimme the broccoli,’” she quipped.

Obama has launched a new initiated called FNV, a marketing campaign aimed at selling healthy fruits and vegetables to the public with the help of some major celebrities like Jessica Alba, Nick Jonas, Victor Cruz, and Kristen Bell.

Fallon noted that the first lady’s love for music was obvious by her aptitude to dance in rhythm, and asked Obama if she was still able to listen to music anywhere now that she’s the first lady.

“I am always listening to music on my iPod,” Obama revealed. “That’s the way I settle myself.”

And what exactly does the first lady listen to? She didn’t say, but revealed that her daughters have been introducing her to new music, and at times, keeping her from listening to it.

“My kids tell me, ‘You don’t want to hear this mom, the language is too bad,’” Obama said of Malia and Sasha. “And I’m like, ‘What are you doing listening to it?'"

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