Michael Douglas' Son's Prison Term Doubled for New Drug Offenses

Judge says lawyer tried to sneak drugs in to troubled son of actor

The son of Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas had four-and-a-half years tacked on to the five-year prison term he's now serving for repeated drug violations.

The sentence was announced Wednesday by federal Judge Richard Berman in Manhattan. Berman said the government had been too lenient on Douglas after he repeatedly violated prison rules by arranging to get drugs. The judge said the violations included four cases in which a lawyer smuggled drugs into prison for Douglas in her bra.

The lawyer, Jennifer Ridha, allegedly brought Douglas Xanax, but charges against her were dropped "due to unique circumstances," according to newyorkcriminal lawyersblog.com. She now reportedly works at St. John's University School of Law.

Douglas, 32, asked the judge to give him another chance at treatment. Berman recommended he be sent to a prison facility that can offer him drug treatment and mental health care.

Douglas was arrested in July 2009 in Manhattan for dealing methamphetamine.

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