Michael Caine's On-Set Laugh Attacks Are His Most Lethal Weapon: Co-Star

You won't find a more intense movie than Michael Caine's latest revenge thriller "Harry Brown" in which the iconic actor shoots and stabs his way through gritty London -- but his most destructive weapon was apparently his on-set giggling, according to co-star Emily Mortimer.

"He's a giggler, which is fatal to me," Mortimer told PopcornBiz, "because the minute I saw that little twinkle in his eye it was just curtains."

The laugh attacks were at their worst once filming reached the movie's climax and Mortimer's police inspector character becomes involved in a serious car wreck, she said.

In the week shooting the scene, Mortimer said she kept her hand on her throat to remind herself that she suffered a serious neck injury in the screen crash. "Michael would see me and say, 'Would you please take your bloody hand off your neck?' " Mortimer recalled.

Mortimer had to play unconscious when shooting the accident scene. "It was the most intense moment, and I am coming to in the car. Michael opens the door and I am sitting there with my hand on my neck. ... It was all over for me," she said.

Mortimer and Caine lost the scene to laughter.

"We had to cut," Mortimer said. "We had to do it all over again."

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