Michael Caine Going All “Death Wish” in “Harry Brown”

It's been a long time since Michael Caine stormed his way through the streets London to fight crime and dispense justice, but he's back in action in the upcoming "Harry Brown."

Judging from the trailer, "Brown" has a dash of "Gran Torino's" get-offa-my-lawn gristle over a heaping plate of "Death Wish" style vigilantism. In it, Caine plays an ex-Marine living on a fixed income in a soulless housing development.

One day a police woman (Emily Mortimer) knocks on his door to inform him that his only friend has been murdered by a bunch of thugs, and Brown, realizing the cops lack the "wherewithal" to bring the killers to justice, takes things into his own hands.

With Caine's 77th birthday just a week away, it's easy to forget that he was a total badass in his day, with tough guy roles in films like  "Gambit" and "Get Carter."

The film was well received upon its London premiere in November, and earned director Dan Barber a Breakthrough British Filmmaker nomination from the London Critics Circle Film Awards.

"Harry Brown" debuts stateside at SXSW on March 16 and opens nationally on April 30.

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