Mel Gibson's “The Beaver” Arriving March 23

Normally a simple release date for a single film doesn't warrant its own post, but "The Beaver" is no ordinary movie. Once feared to be just another victim of Mel Gibson's epic temper, the film is now slated for release this spring.

"The Beaver," about a man who falls into a deep depression that he climbs out by communicating with people via a beaver hand puppet, will arrive in theaters on March 23, many months later than originally planned.

The film got pushed back after Gibson's now-estranged baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva, released audio recording of him screaming at her in some truly foul and hateful terms, and later accused the actor of abusing her physically as well.

Beyond the obvious horrible human tragedy, film fans felt it doubly, as "The Beaver" has been hotly anticipated since Kyle Killen's script topped the 2008 Blacklist of best unmade films in Hollywood.

"The Beaver" was ultimately directed by Jodie Foster, who co-stars as Gibson's wife, and the cast also includes Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence and Cherry Jones.

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