Meghan Trainor Takes a Tumble While Performing on ‘The Tonight Show'

Songstress hit the floor while singing "Me Too"


Meghan Trainor performed on "The Tonight Show" Thursday, giving viewers an energetic rendition of her single "Me Too." Unfortunately, the 22-year-old singer might have given it a little too much effort, as she completely wiped out at the very end of her performance. Trainor was wearing a tight sparkly dress and sky-high heels, which eventually led her to lose her footing and fall.

The "No" songstress tried to steady herself by grabbing onto the microphone stand, but ultimately it wasn't enough and she fell to the ground, landing flat on her back. But host Jimmy Fallon wasn't going to let her stay embarrassed, so he acted like a gentleman and turned her fall into a joke by joining her on the floor.

"Of every single dance move, grabbing the mic is the toughest," Fallon joked. "Standing ovation for Meghan Trainor, everybody!"

She handled her fall like a total champ. She stood back up (with Fallon's help) and saluted the crowd before laughing from embarrassment. We have to give her some major kudos, though, as she made it through the majority of routine in those pumps without a hitch. Trainor turned to Twitter after to address her fall and inform everyone she was OK.

"Might have fell down... but I KILLLED that sh-t hahaha," she tweeted. "#keepinitreal thank you @fallontonight."

When a fan asked her if she was in pain, she responded, "Haha I didn't feel it till hours later. I'm all good tho. Barely a scratch."

Trainor truly laughed her stumble off on social media, where she retweeted GIFs and videos of her fall.

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