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Maryland's Annual ‘Peeps' Show Features Art Created With Beloved Marshmallow Candy

The event, now in its 16th year, runs though April 10 in Carroll County, Maryland.

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Peeps are more than just marshmallow treat — for some, they are works of art.

In Carroll County, Maryland artists design pieces of art made of Peeps marshmallow candy, NBC affiliate WBAL-TV reported. The annual PEEPShow is now in its 16th year.

From homemade creations with just one marshmallow to some that took thousands, the candy is the star of a unique springtime tradition in Westminster, Maryland.

“We have a Star Wars lightsaber duel over here and then we have a 'Good Ship Wally Peep' made out of thousands of peeps,” Lynne Griffith, executive director of the Carroll County Arts Council, told NBC affiliate WBAL-TV.

Laura King is a five-time PEEPShow artist and this year she came up with a unique creation.

“We have the 'Orangu-Peep.' He is a compilation of coffee shop peeps and a yellow traditional peep, some thrift and fern,” King said. 

Peeps, the delicious marshmallow treats, are an Easter holiday staple. Learn how the colorful chicks and bunnies are made.

The event is free to attend and will only cost if you want to vote for your favorite piece of art or buy Peep-inspired snacks. 

The PEEPShow runs everyday beginning Friday, through April 10.  For the full story from WBAL-TV, click here.

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