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Mark Cuban pitches ‘good-looking, single' Dallas Mavericks players to Taylor Swift

Cuban says, 'Taylor ... break up with him,' playfully lobbying for the pop superstar to date a member of the Dallas Mavericks

Tim Heitman/Getty Images

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban jumped headfirst into the ongoing social discourse around Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Thursday by playfully telling her to break up with the NFL star and date a member of his basketball team.

On ESPN's First Take, Cuban said, "Taylor, if you're listening, sorry Travis. Break up with him, I got a bunch of good-looking single guys that play for the Dallas Mavericks. I gotchu, I gotchu."

After Cuban's declaration, host Stephen A. Smith rolled his eyes and said, "Oh, my Lord."

A short clip from the show was shared on X Thursday morning but didn't show the moments leading up to Cuban's comment.

The international pop star is rumored to be dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce after she was in a suite with his mother at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday and after they appeared to leave together after the game.

Kelce was apparently made aware of Cuban's remark and tweeted the entrepreneur asking to sign him to a 10-day contract. Cuban replied with three grinning face emojis.

So far, no response from any of Swift's social media accounts.

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