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Mario Lopez Walks Back Remarks on Kids and Gender Identity

The “Extra” host’s views on transgender children have been called damaging by experts and LGBTQ advocates.

Mario Lopez apologized Wednesday for telling conservative commentator Candace Owens that it's "dangerous" and "alarming" for parents to honor the wishes of young children who identify with a gender other than the one assigned at birth.

The longtime "Extra" host, who recently was named a host of "Access Hollywood," said in a statement released by his publicist that his remarks were "ignorant and insensitive." Lopez said the backlash has brought on a "deeper understanding" of how "hurtful" his remarks were.

He outraged many when he told Owens on her PragerU YouTube show that, like Owens, he is "blown away" when parents tolerate very young children who make gender determinations at such a ripe age.

Lopez may be best known for starring in the teen sitcom "Saved by the Bell."

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