Margaret Cho's National Therapy Sessions End on “Dancing”

Margaret Cho's short, surprising stint on "Dancing With the Stars" ended with grace, class and, yes, tears. More tears.

We saw a lot of those during her three weeks on the show. But she gave her final sniffle when her "Copacabana" routine was panned by the judges and Cho's voting bloc didn't pick up the slack. Time to pack up the Kleenex boxes and head home.

There were a couple of amazing things about her ride. Notably, was how quickly the normally outrageous comic started to unload some of her personal baggage on the air. We're used to getting this in guarded, comic terms. But this was just really raw and really sudden.

In no time, we were getting weekly discussions on body issues, general insecurities and at least one breakdown per episode.

"I didn't realize I was going into therapy," Cho said in her farewell video. Neither did we.

But the other surprising aspect to it was that Cho survived -- even if it was only to week three. She looked like certain dance roadkill after the first week when she was tied at the bottom of the scoring table with the seemingly formidable David Hasselhoff and the Situation.

Even Cho said that the dancers were looking at her that week as she was about to get the boot, in one of the few moments where she was actually funny during her time on the show.

Somehow, she stayed dancing, while the Hoff got the shocking boot.

And Cho's jive the next week showed promise. There was a giddy moment where it appeared she would make a run for it. But in the end, her rainbow-adorned samba couldn't carry the day.

Cho gave one more sob, graciously thanked her partner, and departed.

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