Man Attacked Girlfriend with Wasabi-Covered Pants: Police

Man arrested after he hit girlfriend in face with jeans covered in sauce

A pair of pants might not be dangerous, but smear them with wasabi and they might be.

Marstons Mills, Mass., man John McGuinness was arraigned Friday on charges of domestic violence and battery with a dangerous weapon after he struck his girlfriend in the face with a pair of pants he covered in wasabi sauce, The Cape Cod Times reported.

Early Friday morning, police in Barnstable responded to a call by McGuinness' girlfriend, saying he had assaulted her.

The alleged victim told police that after she and McGuinness left a local bar, they got in a verbal confrontation, sparked by a text message the victim received from a male friend that angered McGuinness. 

The woman told cops she then dropped McGuinness off at home and left, but soon after, he texted her that he was throwing out a $200 pair of her jeans.

She said that when she went back, she found McGuinness holding jeans, which he had covered in wasabi sauce. She said he then forced down her car window and took her cellphone.

Once she got out of the car to retrieve her phone, McGuinness hit her in the face with the jeans, getting the spicy sauce in her eyes and burning them, according to the police report.

While she tried to clean her eyes and fled, he poured yet more of the Japanese horseradish into the car, the alleged victim told police.

McGuiness was later arrested in his Roseland Terrace home. He's due back in court on July 12.

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