Maine Veteran Tied Service Dog to Tree, Fatally Shot It: Prosecutor

Authorities say Marinna Rollins is suffering from PTSD and Cumboui was her emotional support pit bull

An Army veteran is accused of fatally shooting her service dog while her boyfriend, who's also a soldier, filmed it, a North Carolina prosecutor said.

Cumberland County District Attorney Clark Reaves said 23-year-old Marinna Rollins and 25-year-old Jarren Heng tied the dog, Cumboui, to a tree and shot it multiple times with a rifle. In a video posted on Rollins' Facebook page, the two can be heard giggling and laughing as the gray and white male pit bull is being killed, The Associated Press reported.

Both are charged with cruelty to animals. It wasn't immediately clear whether they have lawyers.

Court documents show Rollins, who is originally from Portland, Maine, medically retired from the Army in January, according to the AP. Authorities said Rollins is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and Cumboui was her emotional support dog.

Prior to the shooting, Rollins posted a photo of Cumboui on her Facebook page, writing she was "sad that her dog had to go to a happier place," according to court documents, NBC affiliate WCSH reported.

A county animal control officer contacted Rollins after seeing the video on social media. The officer told the sheriff's office that Rollins gave "several excuses" as to why the dog was killed, according to WCSH.

Heng was arrested Monday evening and Rollins was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

Heng is an active-duty soldier from Nebraska assigned to a unit that reports to the Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, Lt. Col. Robert Bockholt said. Bockholt declined to give the exact unit. 

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