WATCH: Seth Meyers Spoofs “Mad Men” With Phony AMC Spinoff “Bad Men”

In the skit, Meyers pitched executives Hershey chocolate bars.

Seth Meyers spoofed "Mad Men" in a skit on "Late Night," revealing a clip of himself dressed as Don Draper in a phony AMC spinoff entitled "Bad Men."

Meyers began by saying he was unhappy that the show is coming to a close. The first episode of the seventh and final season will air on Sunday, April 13.

"I have to admit I'm very sad that this is will be the show's last season but I'm excited to announce that AMC has a brand new show about advertising in the '60s," Meyers said. "They've sent us a sneak peek. I love Jon Hamm but I do think the lead actor of this new show, he's a little bit better."

Then, a clip played of Meyers dressed like Draper, pitching to executives the idea of Hershey's chocolate bars.

"When you hold a Hershey's chocolate bar in your hand, you're holding the promise of happiness of joy, of youth," Meyers explained in Draper's style. "But you realize something. When you eat that Hershey bar, all that happiness, all that joy is gone."

Watch Meyers deliver his best Draper impersonation above.  

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