New Deli Opens in NYC But Nothing Is Edible

Artist Lucy Sparrow's whimsical "Delicatessen on 6th" will be at Rockefeller Center Oct. 1 - 20, 2019

New York is famous for its delicatessens so it's no surprise people are abuzz about the latest deli to open at the iconic Rockefeller Center.

Though at this deli, you won't find a hot cup of coffee, a bagel with lox, or any black and white cookies. But the offerings are equally delightful.

British artist Lucy Sparrow's "Delicatessen on 6th" has over 30,000 felt food items in what is an interactive public art project and retail experience. 

Absolutely everything is made out of felt, including the meat, cheese, fish, chocolate and fruit. 

If you're thinking, "it's all so cute. I just want to take it home," you're in luck! Everything in the fine food shop is for sale.

Prices are a bit steeper than your standard deli fare. A banana will set you back $30 while a rib-eye steak costs $50. But every felt artwork found on the store shelves will be signed by the artist.

This is Sparrow's sixth installation in her felt shop series. The "felt fantasyland" was last in New York in June 2017 with a bodega at The Standard, High Line.

As the name suggests, "Delicatessen on 6th" is located on Sixth Avenue between 49th and 50th Street. It will be open every day 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. now through October 20th. 

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