Littlest Penguin Is Baptized in Stanley Cup

A three-week-old baby grimaces from inside the Stanley Cup after being blessed

The Stanley Cup is a blessing for one Pittsburgh Penguins family.

Penguins’ right-winger Josh Archibald used the coveted Stanley Cup as a baptismal font for his son Brecken's baptism on Thursday.

Philip Pritchard posted photos of the 3-week-old's christening on Twitter. Standing over the cup, a clergy member blessed the child's head in one photo. Wearing white, Brecken sat propped in the cup grimacing with toes extended as Archibald and his wife Bailey each kissed his head in another photo. 

Jennifer McBride tweeted in response, "Now that is a great idea! Big points for the creativity!"

Archibald's baptism in the cup is reportedly a first for the five-time Stanley Cup championship organization. 

Several other family members of NHL players have held baptisms in the Stanley Cup in past years.

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